merci la vie! PROJECT LOG #2 (ok for real this time..)
BACK ALREADY long time no project log tumblr_inline_p6m7snZdrp1rhwzwl_540.gifstarp.gifstarp.gifstarp.gif 

so I've taken a slight detour and downloaded RPGMaker MV in order to take advantage of its ability to HTML5 browser export!! I have decided to use this as my dress-up game client for better longevity, responsiveness and accessibility ^o^ 


in other words: didn't wanna wrestle with mobile vs desktop responsiveness webcode LMFAO work smarter not harder right..... O_O RIGHT criez.gif


so ya that being said I've been trying to refamiliarize myself through working away at a remaster of my old game Crystal Confines!! it was a 2017 self-challenge to complete a full rpgmaker narrative game and its assets in the span of about 2 weeks.. 

39285248.png 90425427.jpg
03397339.jpg 26620716.jpg
stole these screenshots from the russian translation page bc I'm lazy < / 3 tbh I'm kinda embarrassed it's translated into so many languages but thankful to translators who bothered to do that themselves ^_T mini002.gif

there's much more I wanted to do and say since the beginning, and my desire to rewrite it has grown especially due to irl events I've been going through; I want to enhance the themes with my own personal experiences.. minicarta.gif


the idea of logging progress in a zero-expectation unviewed place like this is relaxing~ the focus of this entry will be sharing characters redesigns-- feel like rambling away my inspirations minidog.gif



orphrey's design has always heavily drawn from SANAE♥chan KSDJKFSDJ ^Q^ but who can blame me.. she's the best (top 10 fave popn characters.. others r: milk, polepole, minit, smile, mary, gijiri, roki, boy & akemi-- bet there's someone missing.. )

maxresdefault (2)_ ndlgf_0-41-42__.jpg

satara's heavily inspired by klonoa2's king of sorrow and night on the galactic railroad's campanella .. he's wise and stoic, so I tried to mature his appearance a bit 



I'm excited to explore albedo's childlike excitement via more expressive posing ~ 3 ~ I luv snot bubble characters idk, no doubt thanks to the windwaker child (remembers my old son shen too--).. mini051.gif


nimbus has a bit more plot involvement than being a tiny salute to my love for rpgmaker horror .. he's not really inspired by anything specific, just my longstanding intrigue at the contrast of carnivore vampire bats V/S herbivore fruit bats


lastly, a new edition to the cast; this is jenka, albedo's mother ^_^ loving, blunt & outspoken.. inspired by my grandma mini051.gifmini051.gif

Crystal Confines itself was a storyboarding assignment I made for my visual development class back in college! two medias fueled me:

Gabriel Garzón-Montano "Naeja"'tumblr_lkl64v9iji1qfamg6.png lyrics..

As far as I can see
Air like water rippling heat
Praying for a breeze
For some water to rain on me
Reaching for a hand
Searching for my caravan
Thought I saw the man
Just my own footsteps in the sand
She rode a hummingbird
Blew a kiss of colored leaves
An unbelievable queen
From the depths of my fantasy
And beckoning to me
Scootched up and she made a seat
Take me to your stream
Show me the meaning of my dream

it alone inspired the sandy hourglass Galimatias lives in LOL.. Gabriel's lyrics have a biotic feeling to it and I've loved it since 2015 :-) "Moonless" and "Long Ears" are two other favorites from his discography  

secondly is Mio Isayama's "Tsuki no Waltzmini-159.gif

being one of my favorite music videos and songs, the love story has such a transient nature to it.. p.s. pls nhk don't copyright strike this video like u did the others orz o(-<

FINALLY speaking of music, one of my close rl friends is kindly allowing me to use their old compositions for a revamped ost (luv u janglez) so nobody will have to experience the cursed fruits bore from my midimaker days LMAO

manifesting my deeprooted friendships into personal projects one gal at a time.. 

this janglez song will be amongst the tracklist..  tumblr_lkl65c58Ps1qfamg6540.giftumblr_lkl65c58Ps1qfamg6540.gif

tbh friends aside, there's so much music I want to pay homage to in projects of mine, especially after experiencing the greatness that is moon RPG's diverse OST-- the bar I want to set for myself when it comes to integrating old obscure musicians I enjoy into projects


I guess to end things for this log, I FINALLY played a game I've been meaning to for myself.. so I'd like to talk about it!

Idiot Maiden ... (which I implore the 2 ppl who check my blog to play).. it's so charming and the ending made me weirdly nostalgic of my teenage otome phase with jen KSDKJSDkjfdsjks

rana.png rana2.png

the portrait art and dialogue are simply gold.. 

"..First of all, it's vampire prince."

while I love the exploration of psyche/shock that's so common to see in games of this format, I think introspective dramas and playful, honest stories with something to say albeit how small remain inspirations for my own projects.. star.gif 


imo rana probably ranted her fake friend drama to her new Vampire Boyfriend while waiting for the bus.. tumblr_lkl5z4RA9q1qfamg6.gif

the main character struck a chord with me because it reminded me of an even more naive and yes-man past version of myself Rofl X^D stuff I still struggle with but have come a long way from Thank Da Lord.. 

also: this chinese indie track is their theme song imo...... still luv this & "di da di"

I have my hands full with work but gonna try to my best to continue squeezing this and my dress-up prospects in some free time.. next project log will focus on that ^_^ UNTIL THEN mini012.gifmini012.gif

had a rare dream LOL so I will recall it hereminicarta.gif

I was on an elevator with a friend.. we reached our floor and she stepped off, but the elevator dropped as I was stepping off LMAO? and it cartoonishly dropped to the bottom and then went to the top and then went down again..

I got off and looked up to see a bunch of busy construction workers working on the elevator's infrastructure, so I had to find my way to the top via hard to find staircases (kinda reminded me of finding staircases in Gauntlet games). I had to stop and ask for help a lot and every stranger was friendly ^p^

I passed a flashy but abandoned arcade, a huge library divided into religious material and children's adventure books, a young man's runway show where the girls dressed like clouds and the boys dressed like stars.. I asked two teacher's where to go next and they were as clueless as I was and my dream ended shortly after--
it reminded me of the time me and my friend zach got lost in the huge new york macy's shopping center trying to buy towels.. 1932490 floors !!!

hmm.. I want go swimming.. tumblr_inline_mnppdxqxLt1qz4rgp540.gif 

IMG_4917.jpg IMG_5004.jpg

daiso whiteboard coming in handy.. also look at my sweet gurl, imma photodump her next entry tumblr_lm6pmqVYjq1qfoi4t540.giftumblr_inline_mxkdh43gYJ1qk1or3540.gif




2023-07-18 17:15

:O!!!! you have a blog again! OK admittedly it has been a very long time since I checked but I used to read your old blog so much. I learened a lot!
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vampire prince iz kewl

2023-07-21 13:34

I played idiot maiden today the ending was too cute♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚ I could also relate to wanting to please everyone regardless of how I am treated in return...maybe that's just the childish part of me tho LOL >.<

now I need to get around to playing moon rpg as well....

vampire & di da di were such good songs I loved em! here's a fun album I listened to recently that I think you'd like too!

p.s. I always look forward to seeing your project progress, very inspiring!
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