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2022-06-19 13:45

WOW 2 days ago was me and my s/o's 5 year anniversary!!! WOOHOOOO tumblr_inline_p6m7snZdrp1rhwzwl_540.gifwoof.gifstarp.gifluv.giftumblr_inline_p6m7sonWJE1rhwzwl_540.gif 

I was hassling him online about my 
package arriving every day.. :-J

I would like to take a post to show something kinda fun I did to celebrate these epic years together!! luv.gifluv.gifluv.gifluv.gif 

btw his AMAZING website is here while his equally amazing work is here !   

40CF5701-93AE-416F-8037-DF1279F41EE7.jpg 055FC236-2E69-4811-B229-C349BEA10D9D.jpg
save Ness from his suffering.. woof.gifwoof.gif 

so ya, I made and mailed these cookies.. I have a newfound respect for pro bakers because it took ALL DAY LOL bc squeezing that piping for hours was hard work.. I also shed tears every time I had to mix a new icing color kdfskjfs I am a weakling but it was genuinely so fun X^D

besides us and our lil mascots, I also made Ness and Paula because Earthbound is his favorite game which he's played for me ^ 3 ^ and I wanted to match them with my real gift I got for him HEHEHE >:-) (pic of them below..) star.gif

Hobonichi released these a few months ago (limited run)! 
I wish we used planners cus their MOTHER ones are cute..

we had a fun day and I am so happy and thankful to call him my partner ^o^ we still need to finish MOTHER 3.. and I personally want to play the first game since I've always been curious about it! eventually.? ANYWAY that's all!! until my next entry! starp.gif

for what it's worth I think the cookies look liek 
us LMFAO based on this recent pic


Long time no blog.. so, the last time I made a blog post was after I graduated highschool! and literally 8 years passed since then LOL.. it's actually so crazy to think ^p^ IT'S SO LONG ???? wtf

reuniting with Jen and Crystal (my best and oldest friends) and not touching art for a week straight made me think a lot about the past, and how much of a workaholic I have become @_@ in particular, we made cute little memory books together and it reminded me about my leisurely blogging.. SO HERE I AM time to talk about my first Disneyworld trip >:-D


ok firstly me n Jen got the cutest cookies.. 

they tasted kinda like poptarts? KDSFJKSFD

pics below of it and WAFFLE 


strawbcookie.jpg effinggoodwaffle.jpg

SO let's talk rides.. Expedition Everest in particular was my favorite "fast" ride bc LMFAO it freaked me out the most when it started to go backwards..!! my favorite slower one was probably DINOSAUR 🦖 .. uh we played the movie in our airbnb for like 5 min n I got reminded how much I did Not want to actually rewatch it


Crystal rode all the scary things w/ me LMFAO

honorable ride mentions include:

  •  star.gif Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway (modern rides are dang cool) 
  • star.gif it's a small world (PRECIOUS) 
  • star.gif Space Mountain (FAST) 
  • star.gif Rock'n Rollarcoaster (AMAZING but kinda wish it was longer) 
  • star.gif Test Track - (our car got 1st place in some category I forget)
  • star.gif lastly.. I know nothing about Star Wars.. but Milennium Falcon was so fun w/ my crew (I was da engineer).. 


we got orange bird sippy cups !! good smoothie star.gif

BIRD.jpg IMG_1553.jpg

EPCOT was definitely one of my favorite parks, so cute.. I love the orange bird mascot so much because I learned once that Hysteric Glamour ripped off his design for their tomato duck, and he's my favorite print on their clothes tumblr_inline_mxkdjhcZdZ1qk1or3540.giftumblr_inline_mxkdhrFkgS1qk1or3540.gif 

walking in Florida heat & humidity killed us all but it was still so special ^p^ I invested in some Keen Zerraports II (cus Kiko Mizuhara made em look so cute here LMFAO) and lemme tell ya.. my new favorite shoes to walk in that aren't my only pair of old sneakers

anyway I love my partner & friends so much T.T  luv.gifluv.gifluv.gifluv.gifluv.gif I'm already so excited for our next adventures with each other.. the last time we hung irl was 6 years ago! curse u busy life.. 

rainbowz.jpg strawbear.jpg

I saw my first double rainbow at Animal Kingdom o.O

also I luv these ears 


sometimes I think about how when we all met on AWOLnow in 2005, we knew we would be friends forever, and here we are.... FRIENDS FOREVER !!! jen actually stank tho don't tell her I said ANY of this-- 

ICONATOR_ef79b8_536266.gif8D9251652336-iaza (1)

I think it'd be worth taking a blog post to talk about AWOLnow eventually.. but for now, here are 2007..? edits I made from screenshots (I'm on the far left in the flashing gif and the cows in the second are actually me and Jen ^p^)

LASTLY.. as expected, I got COVID LMAOOOOOOO 

so literally right after I came home I was bedridden for a week binging America's Next Top Model again like a weird fever dream (I noticed MILK & MILKBOY's Hitomi Okawa is randomly featured in cycle 3's Japan trip which was kinda neat).. then I had to play catch-up with work KSDJKSFD 


that wraps up my first entry !!! this was so fun to write and I will try to update this when I feel like it.. my life is very uneventful LOL but I luv to share stuff I like  ^_^ luv.gifluv.gif so look forward to shorter entries w/ art stuffs, music/games/tv, fashion, and other hobbies! 

gals.jpg goinhome.jpg

my s/o bought me this panda baby in Animal Kingdom so it was my partner in crime returning home... 


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