merci la vie! life/diary
uh o I'm already updating my blog so poorly again LMAOOOO but been itching to diary my summer so far.....  tumblr_ll7xq8CAsh1qi6qow540.gif


between the release of Pocket Mirror's remaster and finishing up loose ends for Little Goody Two Shoes, my time with Astral Shift projects has wrapped up for the time being!! I can't wait to see how we move forward as a team after these titles drop. ^o^ don't tell, but it's always been a secret bucketlist goal of mine to have a game I played a larger art role in acknowledged by ManlyBadassHero.. pls happen..

I want to make something nice for celebrating the release! I've started something new, but this sketch was kinda cute too.. tumblr_9f64623492c6caaeb4e6bf821c2ce2b1_6a1355b1_75.giftumblr_9f64623492c6caaeb4e6bf821c2ce2b1_6a1355b1_75.gif

these are very old (2016), but I still like them ^ 3 ^

I've joined a new team (NDA for now) as well as contributing to a few smaller projects.. please look forward to them!! it feels good to work on stuff stylistically different from my own again.. helps me grow >:-) 173.gif

after such an onslaught of work I digitally unplugged just to travel a lil-- firstly, to FL with my mama in May! 

IMG_3861 (1) IMG_3880.jpg
IMG_4795.jpg IMG_4740.jpg
I lov abusing photos AND my blog with little stickers... tumblr_inline_mn49l2CQbR1qz4rgp540.gif

in our short trip we went to the beach, the Pérez Art Museum, and the Frost Planetarium (amazing lil aquarium) this time around.. I also got my nails done by the very talented nail tech Annie!! I only get my nails done when I'm traveling and I am so enamored by nail art LOL

 IMG_3877 (1) IMG_3564.jpg

this was my first time getting my nails done with someone who specializes in nail art, so I wanted a theme close to my heart ^o^ rhythm games with my favorite art directions of MUKAI and Ippei Gyoubu..  tumblr_9f64623492c6caaeb4e6bf821c2ce2b1_6a1355b1_75.gif

definitely want to give her my business again next time I'm Miami bound! her office was so beautiful and chatting art/anime culture was very fun.. I'm already wondering if I should request Ib or Klonoa nails next HMMM

the process took several hours and throughout it, we marathonned anime and chatted the time away.. felt like I was just hanging with an old friend *_* good thing I don't live closer.. she's so talented I'd be a regular LMAO

IMG_4738.jpg IMG_4707.jpg
Leando Erlich's stuff made me weirdly nostalgic of my childhood.. the dimly lit nature of public laundromats and low income apartment building living in the 2000s LOL.. also aquarium pix placeholder

I saw Yayoi Kusama's "Love is Calling"!! I'm not great at articulating my thoughts for that kind of experience but I was happy.. :-) I've always enjoyed her work after being introduced to it via one of my favorite musicians Towa Tei 

gawd this was sooo embarrassing LMAOOOO I was so dazzled by the exhibit, I wasn't paying attention when exiting and ran into a plexiglass wall < / 3 clumsy ppl do not mix well with art galleries, Yes yes *Notes*..

my second favorite exhibition there was Leandro Erlich's "Liminal".. his changing room reminded me a lot of the M.C.Escher esque optical illusions of continuation I love in Klonoa 2's Maze of Memories! 

 Optimized-IMG_47339.jpg IMG_38385.jpg
that eggs benedict had me in a headlock.. SOOOO GOOD Wth gif5.gif

all in all very fun vacation with my mama ^_^ I'm happy she can catch a break from life too! in general I think we are turning Miami into a routine LOL.. FL every couple of years (we have family in a different part too so it kinda works out)

gurls-only sea getaway.. laco.giflaco.gifmini012.gifmini012.giftumblr_inline_p7i55rsv0A1rhwzwl_75sq (1)tumblr_inline_p7i55rnpzp1rhwzwl_75sq (2)tumblr_inline_mn49krbN7b1qz4rgp540.gif

so much moar to say but I'll have to resume in a later blog cos I wrote enough for now KSDFKJSFD.. next on my blog to do list: talk abt my blythes > update on personal projects > CA/PA adventures w/ myn > ... let's see if I can remember to tho < / 3

unrelated but IMPORTANT.. jen and her partner have plans to move to the DMV area for job prospects and we've been geeking to each other about how exciting it is.. the idea of hanging out with my best friend more than once every several years is AMAZING.. O_O i h8 her tho don't tell her I'm very happy--

IMG_4737.jpg IMG_4617.jpg
I liked the dichotomy in my airport restroom selfie: my shirt print vs pre-boarding a flight xDDDDDD Lolz.. unrelated current favorite thing lately are my panshel ceramic mugs.. they came with cute lil stirring spoons bullet_heartflash.gif

NOW THAT I'M HOME; I have so much to catch up on LMAOO here's some personal WIPs I left on.. I'm trying to finish by the end of the month so I can resume personal projects >_> wish me LUCK minicarta.gif 

will leave u folks on this.. not allowing myself to start anything new until my PM + reaper babie themed arts are done  tumblr_lkl6d5i9qD1qfamg6.png



2023-01-02 15:26

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! 2023 mini-166.gifmini-166.gifmini-166.giftumblr_lm6pmqVYjq1qfoi4t540.gifstarp.gifstar.gifluv.gif

this is a bit dramatic but I've been waiting years for this zodiac year.. this is one of my favorite character designs I drew as a kid!! I thought it was all that back then LOL

this is my 2011 artwork of her.. the animation
still looks nice ^p^ 16 y/o me did good-- luv.gif

I created a resolution list with my s/o >:-) my first since 2017 bc I've been so busy, kinda pushed a lot of personal endeavors to the side @_@ 

resolution lists are never a be all end all guide to go by BUT it's a nice feeling to make one, especially when u accidentally mark off things when reflecting a year later.. LETS GET BACK TO IT-- I'll share it in more detail in my next blog update cus I feel like talking about my holiday ^Q^

charlotte airport had such a pretty holiday decoration O_O I wish airports weren't so busy and expensive around the holidays bc I wonder what other airport layovers have cute decorations like this.. 

spent the holidays with my luv and his family this winter for the first time since COVID LOL and it was a sweet time! I'm always a little overwhelmed at the kindness I'm shown during my visits.. I'M GRATEFUL tumblr_inline_moxnwpfr8f1qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxnwpfr8f1qz4rgp540.gif

only thing is I cry too easily from sentimentality and it's kinda annoying.. I can't help it of course ^p^;;; o well 

038DA3D3-CF12-47F5-8689-29DD9F72398D (1) A24ACB4D-E557-4D0D-A2EE-61B764DA77B6 (1)
I made wassail this christmas for the first time in forever!! also these wafflez RULED tumblr_inline_moxo15a3BU1qz4rgp540.gif


my gifts were so thoughtful.. my sweeti upgraded my phone and I also got a fujifilm printer from my best friend TT TTTT I also got really cute daiso stickers and more pajamas 



Optimized-BA8A621A-D1E3-400D-9A6A-48227FB0DF3BB.jpg 596B1F74-F715-47B3-8D28-65727F85178444444 (1)
we made very.. mcdonalds-looking cookies........ tumblr_inline_moxo0iFzF71qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxo0iFzF71qz4rgp540.gif
also DINO DRINKS from a fun bar o_O 
I regret not buying one there cus they're like $70+ bux online wth (v.s. $18 from the bar)

DFF1001D-E71C-4060-9C91-B6F16D3862FC (1)
me & my sibling w/ mr. nittany lion 
2023 will be GREAT



tumblr_9912dc7e659c182f0b827070efb95784_2a8921a5_100 (1)


2022-11-26 04:03

went to NYC again this weekend LOL and attended a day of ANYC!! tumblr_8987ca17758525479a11c060d78adfa7_99db68f7_250.gif

synter waited in line for 20 minutes w/ me to get a pikachu cotton candy (ur a real one) luv.gifluv.gif

it was actually the first con I've gone to since COVID and the last con I walked around since 2015 maybe O_O I feel like cons are only worth a day of going unless you're selling art.. (I personally can't justify the cost AHAHA).. wynter and I chilled in artist alley all day!!! we were shocked at how many NEW up&coming artists were selling wtf it's incredible??

594794F2-2DE2-483E-9AC4-381CAEF5E04E.jpg BB3E8AF4-0D74-4947-9EE3-37EE3479431F.jpg
also the amount of regret I have for not impulse buying that MOTHER2 cover album... just LISTEN to this

also this was a blast to the past cus the last time I walked around a con without tabling, it was with wynter??? ew

f1 (2) f1 (1)

rad was extremely good at taking piccies of cute gang moments..... *takes notes* tumblr_m3xtm3BvH51rodiav540.giftumblr_m3xtm3BvH51rodiav540.gif

I met with a very special group of art homies after a kabillion calls with them over the last 2 years.. we did a bunch but my highlight was going to chinatown to check out my friend's store (happy99)!! it was really epic how many intimately sweet vintage toys they had there... after that we walked around a very empty mall (elizabeth center) that had so much cute knickknacks in it ^Q^ paradise.. lastly jj's giftshop was my favorite place ever, so grateful it was recommended to me!

746FFCED-F9D5-4459-95C9-4C677210F29B.jpg C01C9AAD-94F9-4B6C-BD3A-E320EED62693.jpg
oxnard at ANYC and snoozer @ friends store.. signs for me to replay gba hamtaro games

one of my best and oldest online friends kiana hosted me.. it's always so nice to reflect on old awoldays with her and catch up w/ some drinks.. I feel so comfortable and happy around her every time we hang out TT_TT I want just a piece of her radiance someday AHAHA
me kiana and new friend on subway as I try to contain my spewing (I did pretty good tbh)

a realization I had during this trip is that even when I'm drunk, I'm sometimes a rly guarded person.. maybe a lot chattier, but my social anxiety makes it about the safest things somehow LMAO-- kiana's friend was extremely precious company, so when I felt like I started to ramble too much I zipped it ^p^;; still tho, I said a lot more vulnerable things than I usually would with new company and she listened and listened.. I hope I can drink with her again someday!! I gotta throw that shield away..

me and anna talked about hamsters voring their newborns and blogging! gal stuff

last day I was there was spent playing ddr, visiting my first neko cafe, meeting new kind friends, & eating gud star.gif

when in doubt iosys it out (my fav touhou album arts btw) tumblr_lkl65c58Ps1qfamg6540.gif

I'm very grateful for all of my friends for taking the time of day to spend it with me!! always embarrassed at how excited I get about this kind of stuff, but I think my travel/ldr friend experiences are extremely quality over quantity.. my closest friends are all so far away, and I am not rich with lots of free time LOL-- but when I can manage to, it's a memory I carry for LIFE ugh

on a side note I'm thinking about how memorably my friends dressed and I can't get it out of my mind o.o grey jeans w/ the slickest silhouette, a kitschy vintage coke-a-cola jacket, cute powdery snow boots.. but maybe the most special of it all is that rune was wearing a bunny hairclip I sent her in penpal mail some time ago! thinking about it makes me kinda emotional..

ya that was fun tumblr_lkl64v9iji1qfamg6.pngtumblr_lkl64v9iji1qfamg6.png


july favorites

2022-08-04 15:32

ok I know it's august-- suddenly end-of-july was hectic LOL so take this now.. I mustn't break my streak I JUST STARTED >:-(


luv.giffavorite outfit of the month... I dread going outside in summer KFDSKJSDF not cus I can't tolerate heat but bc you don't feel as cool when you dress up cus you're sweaty.. </3 good airy pleats please dress is issey miyake and tee is random xgirl shorts and my walking sandals keen zerraports
jlyfit1.jpg jlyfit2.jpg


luv.giffavorite games/media of the month.... do I need to say more? I started playing klonoa same evening it was released ^p^;; I am sooo stoked to easily play klonoa 2 again since the emulated version was so bad.. 

my baby lolo 16.gif 16.gif  love leo too

I'm so happy to see DTP as well, but I'll always prefer the original PS1 version because the graphics contribute significantly to the feeling! particularly when the moon kingdom rises and ESPECIALLY the ending omg-- 

whether phantasy reverie extremely well or not, I am SO thankful to see my two favorite games modern ports and that's that :-)

original lephise has an sweetness that can't be replicated..mini112.gif

the thoughtfulness in female figure designs 16.gif

ok let's talk the anime I ended up binging again- mini-159.gif

milfeulle.gif flowerwillLOL.png

galaxy angel, like di gi charat (also BROCCOLI-published) is an episodic show that doesn't take itself too seriously LOL- all-girl **NOT HAREM** comedy animes are my favorite genre.. it pretty much just follows the angel brigade's jobs in space 

I wanted to watch it again because I was looking at a character I made as a kid that copied Mint's ears.. 

mi1.gif interesting.gif
milfeulle soo dramatic I luv it.. also the funeral episode is the best Ksfdkjfdskjfdskjfsd

luv.giftop 3 songs this month.. 

noriko had to have been one of the coolest kids to exist, and I love this concept coined by her:
[“happy handbag music” — that is, fashionable dance music that suits those dancing with a handbag.]

Laila France's "Trance Cocktail Airlines" - not sure why but this song makes me think of an old Norwegian group I like called "Ephemera" (example of their stuff)! very cute and summer

St. Etienne's "Carn't Sleep" - this group is always so great.. ALSO love "Spring" 

other stuff I've been up to is GoToWorkGoToWorkGoToWork- here's some small fun random life things though:

basil.jpg coffay.jpg
the daiso bunny humidifier at work--
& addicting coffee for this busy month KFDSKJSFD

D2CE5FC3-9F57-4C4E-9DD2-8998044A61BC (1) 70736712-3370-4A7F-92A8-6CD357AB8519 (1)
LASTLY.. my extremely kind friends took pics of my famicase entry in both LA and japan Famicase locations ^.^


also jen's bday was the 1st-- fun fact but she and I had similar due dates and could've shared my bday.. but ya I drew our furbies together, she custom made mine as a gift awhile back


undine is mine, tattletail and geoff are hers! 
behold undine's beauty and grace.. tumblr_lm6pmqVYjq1qfoi4t540.giftumblr_inline_mnppdxqxLt1qz4rgp540.gif


JUNE faves..

2022-06-30 16:09

JUNE IS OVER.. I'd like to start keeping a log of my "favorite things" for each month!! starting with this month-- tumblr_inline_mxkdh43gYJ1qk1or3540.gifstar.gif

luv.gif favorite outfit of the month.. :-) I randomly bought a vintage ECKO UNTLD hoodie because I saw Marc Ecko featured on ANTM (ya I'm still watching that trash show < 3 ), and orange is a hoodie color I really wanted.. my skirt is Jean Paul Gaultier (FEMME line), my very comfortable shoes are KEEN Zerraports II, and my tote bag is 20471120. I just really like baggier silhouettes and midi-length skirts lately, and my hoodie is very nostalgic for a reason I'll state below..

eckozz.jpg jenstank.png

jen bought me this My Melody squishmallow..

I kinda wanna buy the 16"-20" sea creature ones now LOL

ECKO UNLTD always brings me back to this PS1 demo disc 

commercial I played all the time.. My sibling looked 

at my hoodie & recalled it too :-) important memory-

luv.gif favorite game/media of the month.. been playing Audition daily until I'm fully caught up with my work.. as a mediocre rhythm game fanatic, this game is actually quite hard X^P it's ded but fun so who cares !!!! I am also playing STEPMANIA a lot lately LOL trying to ween off osu! as my quick-game-fix bc it sux..

thxaudition.png 3df00037b290b9f5a5da829b674fc1d4.png

my gal.. isn't she cute :-J Orange head tumblr_inline_mxkdhrFkgS1qk1or3540.giftumblr_inline_mxkdhrFkgS1qk1or3540.gif

also made Mao-- wearing avatar-game Chrome Hearts 



luv.gif top 3 songs of the month.. 

Andy Lee's "Anemia" - found this song in a STEPMANIA song pack LOL and it's apparently from a Korean rhythm game franchise called EZ2DJ.. This song oddly reminds me a lot of Parasite Eve, particularly the end game song "Somnia Memorias" which is a fave! 

Fiona Apple's "First Taste" - SO catchy and accurately describes crushing.. close second fave on this album is "Slow Like Honey"

WATCHMAN's "Forestix" - I mean I've kinda been obsessed with WATCHMAN's projects in general this year ^p^ but this song in particular currently has been looped a lot.. very dreamy, and the segment toward the end feels satisfying to reach after mostly noise.. btw go buy his stuff

That's all for now >:- D Until next month! tumblr_inline_p6m7sonWJE1rhwzwl_540.gif


me & my irl friend like running around Trader Joes lately and this was drawn on the board when we went recently.. Pikachu eating Trader Joe's Brand Lemon Baton Wafer Cookies


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