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meet the artist BREAKDOWN

2022-07-29 01:54


I finished this and thought it'd be fun to break down the details a bit cus WHY NOT-- I made it very personal to me this time around!

gross but I drool a lot especially with my braces, wondering if it'll stop once they're off in october... HM

star.gifstar.gifstar.gif friends & family 

coolppPl.pngtried to put meaningful friends and family in my life everywhere via stickers/doodles :-D

star.gifstar.gifstar.gif collectables 

1568006533__.jpg darkkknight.jpg
prizedposession.pngeverything drawn in here is stuff I own ^p^ 
think these are my top collectables (FOR NOW)..

star.gifstar.gifstar.gif book

quote on the last page is from le petit prince! ^^ it resonates a lot with me..
besides "photo" memories in the book, I also doodled my ocs LOL too lazy to link em all tho-

star.gifstar.gifstar.gif outfit 

vest1.jpg bboot.png
stuff from my wardrobe starp.gif vivienne westwood vest+ rocking horse shoes, beauty:beast hoodie..


star.gifstar.gifstar.gif backgrounds
my favorite place to visit is the beach and ocean !! I'd live by it if it felt safer..

pics from 2019 I can't be bothered to take new ones LMAO 
(imagine there's double the CDs, clothing and toys)

prog1.jpg IMG_6987.jpg
have I ever shared these WIP pics of my painting job? o.O

 IMG_5482-min.jpg IMG_5476-min.jpg
 IMG_4855-min.jpg IMG_5338-min.jpg
some pics from beach trips ^.^

speaking of ocean, SMFJ also was made in 2007.. the story is, Ichigo found him at the sea  16.gif he was inspired by mesousa from pani poni dash!

vintagesmfj.png dz5cow-4f363adf-4a7f-4ff6-b243-252c7ba998ff.jpg
first and old pic I drew of him LOL on the oekaki SSO!! he's gotten a lot smaller and squishier over the years

mesousa for reference--
dunno why I read this face as "manly" as a kid LMAOO

mmmhmmmmm >:-)

last thing; a HUGE inspiration for my "journal" format is this pixel art here!! I wish I can find the source >_<


BIG wip dump

2022-07-04 17:08

uhhh I am going to look like a lil freak exposing how much I like sketching out new ideas, particularly animations Kfdskjfdsjk- I tend to hop around a lot ^Q^;; the cool thing is I rarely get a chance to post my pixel art at it's ACTUAL scale hellokittylove.gifhellokittylove.gif so here goes nothing!

woof.gif I've mostly been focusing on oc stuff lately, so I'll start with that: 
I designed some mascots for my updated site! ^o^ I have more to share about them, but I'll do that in a later post.. they aren't really serious ocs LOL they just exist to look cute

luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif

this is maybe one of my newest oc artworks!! I decided to name this project Nibiru Landing.. my scientist family is meant to have a bold, bright palette :-D

luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif

top is a gift for my friend rooby, bottom is a WIP of my sled doggy Kikky with her lil sister (designed by rooby)

luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif


ummm both of these are actually pretty old WIPS (2021) X^D I have a very "completionist" mentality with my art so it's hard to move past "scrapped" things.. so I WILL finish

I updated Glim's hair to be longer but I kinda like the idea of her just having hair extensions since she's a salon owner anyway?? WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN-

luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif

THIS AGAIN? ya I am taking forever to finish this but I also need to finish it to launch with my updated portfolio site... *Cries* .. I like how SMFJ is looking in this, stupid and squishy

luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif luv.gif

OK now we'll dive into some fanart I've sketched up lately.. mostly game stuff since I'm a gamer

far left is my newest WIP; I finished Haunting Ground literally 2 days ago and the need to draw my girl Fiona and her baby Hewie is too strong.. (gonna sneak Daniella in here too cus she's a horrifyingly good horror villain).. 

middle is MOON RPG, which I still need to finish after getting really busy again!! I LOVE this game.. these are my favorite characters who have the best music (which you should experience in-game, but I'll link anyway);

and lastly uhh mayura is just there LMFAO I sketched her on impulse so idk if I'll finish

prioritizing what to finish for me is always a russian roulette LOLOL.. I will always try to avoid timestamping my stuff! ofc though it leads to a pretty big backlog criez.gifcriez.gif O WELL.. it's just the christy way *wink*

I had to take a long break to catch up on work after vacation and being sick, so back to it! hellokittylove.gif



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