merci la vie! 202208
sooo my customizing journey had begun.. I sketched out my first original girl! mini-166.gifmini-166.gif


she is a cute and innocent sea butterfly (Clione limacina) mermaid who likes bright colors of the sea!! what better way to start thematically ^Q^

my pinterest board for her!!

360cb021e32b1d2a2c5304b45ef7cd38.jpg 9282ac204e739d6e56cabfa2eacd3a02.jpg
my inspirations for her were two babies I wanted to buy but missed out on >.< the lefthand is by cotton_tail_angel and the righthand is by romidoll! they are two inspiring creators I NEED to adopt from eventually.. mini-166.gifmini-166.gif

I am very carefully planning out her outfits since I obviously will indefinitely be keeping her! I am commissioning a very talented seamstress olga to create a fitting dress in the shape of this silhouette:

I love commissioning artists and now it's going to extend to doll clothe artists Kfdskjdsf.. I am happy since I get to support someone tumblr_lm6pmqVYjq1qfoi4t540.giftumblr_lm6pmqVYjq1qfoi4t540.gif


I wish I can get my hands on the neo blythe "mermaid tasha"'s pastel mermaid tail and top, but I might try to see if I can just commission somebody for it! it also could be more straightforward for me to hand-sew compared to regular clothing..? but we'll see HMMM

so ya now to talk about my progress so far, firstly with carving

compare.jpg bebesfirstfaceteehee.jpg
it's kinda crazy how well my first time carving + faceup went KFSDKJSDF.. not that it's anywhere near to the perfection of existing customs LOLOL but still  _(:□ 」∠)_

anyway, onto her face-up results..

BCA7832B-FC8F-4817-8848-B4C1243DDEFA.jpg 87A1E2F9-3030-4763-9D9E-89431360EF12.jpg
here are the mostly final results of my face-up ^_^ I want to gloss her lips but some of the lip detail gets lost when I try.. gotta try to find a way around that mini087 (1)

731A80C0-F659-4034-AF04-D1A9C2F567EF.jpg ACE718FF-394C-4FD5-A66E-13441E4AA638.jpg
while her lip is a smidge uneven, it's kinda charming..? and I think the profile-view carving and makeup turned out sooo precious.. I think button noses are really cute on customs >.< so I'm aiming for that too!

she isn't perfect by any means, but I'm already really attached to her mini112.gifmini112.gifmini112.gif

within the next couple weeks when my locks arrive, I will be working on rerooting her hair and eyechip replacement mini-166.gif the only bad thing about getting into blythes is how long high-quality materials take to ship LOL but it'll be worth it! :-D 

here's a song that's also been influencing her "feeling" a little 16.gif16.gif you light the fire of my, gentle, gentle loooovee tumblr_lkl64v9iji1qfamg6.pngtumblr_lkl65c58Ps1qfamg6540.gif


july favorites

2022-08-04 15:32

ok I know it's august-- suddenly end-of-july was hectic LOL so take this now.. I mustn't break my streak I JUST STARTED >:-(


luv.giffavorite outfit of the month... I dread going outside in summer KFDSKJSDF not cus I can't tolerate heat but bc you don't feel as cool when you dress up cus you're sweaty.. </3 good airy pleats please dress is issey miyake and tee is random xgirl shorts and my walking sandals keen zerraports
jlyfit1.jpg jlyfit2.jpg


luv.giffavorite games/media of the month.... do I need to say more? I started playing klonoa same evening it was released ^p^;; I am sooo stoked to easily play klonoa 2 again since the emulated version was so bad.. 

my baby lolo 16.gif 16.gif  love leo too

I'm so happy to see DTP as well, but I'll always prefer the original PS1 version because the graphics contribute significantly to the feeling! particularly when the moon kingdom rises and ESPECIALLY the ending omg-- 

whether phantasy reverie extremely well or not, I am SO thankful to see my two favorite games modern ports and that's that :-)

original lephise has an sweetness that can't be replicated..mini112.gif

the thoughtfulness in female figure designs 16.gif

ok let's talk the anime I ended up binging again- mini-159.gif

milfeulle.gif flowerwillLOL.png

galaxy angel, like di gi charat (also BROCCOLI-published) is an episodic show that doesn't take itself too seriously LOL- all-girl **NOT HAREM** comedy animes are my favorite genre.. it pretty much just follows the angel brigade's jobs in space 

I wanted to watch it again because I was looking at a character I made as a kid that copied Mint's ears.. 

mi1.gif interesting.gif
milfeulle soo dramatic I luv it.. also the funeral episode is the best Ksfdkjfdskjfdskjfsd

luv.giftop 3 songs this month.. 

noriko had to have been one of the coolest kids to exist, and I love this concept coined by her:
[“happy handbag music” — that is, fashionable dance music that suits those dancing with a handbag.]

Laila France's "Trance Cocktail Airlines" - not sure why but this song makes me think of an old Norwegian group I like called "Ephemera" (example of their stuff)! very cute and summer

St. Etienne's "Carn't Sleep" - this group is always so great.. ALSO love "Spring" 

other stuff I've been up to is GoToWorkGoToWorkGoToWork- here's some small fun random life things though:

basil.jpg coffay.jpg
the daiso bunny humidifier at work--
& addicting coffee for this busy month KFDSKJSFD

D2CE5FC3-9F57-4C4E-9DD2-8998044A61BC (1) 70736712-3370-4A7F-92A8-6CD357AB8519 (1)
LASTLY.. my extremely kind friends took pics of my famicase entry in both LA and japan Famicase locations ^.^


also jen's bday was the 1st-- fun fact but she and I had similar due dates and could've shared my bday.. but ya I drew our furbies together, she custom made mine as a gift awhile back


undine is mine, tattletail and geoff are hers! 
behold undine's beauty and grace.. tumblr_lm6pmqVYjq1qfoi4t540.giftumblr_inline_mnppdxqxLt1qz4rgp540.gif



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