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HAPPY BDAYYY end of summer..

2023-09-24 20:13

IMG_0144.jpg IMG_0140.jpg

it's been such a fun summer.. and my birthday RULED.. I ate good hotpot and then went home to play ddr with family since my luv bought a dance pad recently ^ 3 ^

we have been SO invested in DDR lately......... and I don't see this ending anytime soon LOL in both cali and pennsylvania, we cannot stop playing...

a mall in my hometown is dying and DDR in particularly cheap to play.. I will be SO sad once it's gone kfdsjkfdsjk next year.. gif5.gif


on another note, it's been really amazing to watch my nephew grow up.. TToTT he loves to play ddr and punch-out (like me, like his uncle ...).. and chao racing/karate :-) he has been seeing us play SA2's chao garden AHAHAHA mini051.gifmini051.gif


in sonic, we have sooo many chao.. the highlight so far for me is "EggBabie", which is an egg chao that is very rare LOL.. I am also trying to raise a hero swim/power chao.. I think the shape is like a chunky bunny's and it's cute!! tumblr_b2ca2c7e530ef6fa0562c9241ba755fd_134095e1_75.giftumblr_b2ca2c7e530ef6fa0562c9241ba755fd_134095e1_75.gif

chao (2) chao (3)
chao (1) chao (4)

o ya I turned 28 this year!! I feel like I am at an age where I'm having a lot of fun learning different things.. I do look forward to when I can be as cool as my favorite artists and customizers are once I enter my 30s * 3 *  minicarta.gif

my mama inlaw is so kind thinking of strawberry flavor for me..

I need to keep learning new things in the meantime.. gotta prep my brain and keep practicing my current skills mini012.gif

 IMG_0145.jpg IMG_0153.jpg
Keyboard cleaning warrior.. (I will not say how long I haven't cleaned my own keyboard Kdfsjkjfkdsfsd my grody self)

IN OTHER NEWS there are quite a few exciting things I am very excited about.. LGTS releases next month and I've always looked forward to Halloween! 

IMG_2406.jpg IMG_860dfgfgdsf3f334.jpg
Cute cicada and beatmap creation..... tumblr_lkl5z4RA9q1qfamg6.gif 

I'm juggling two desires at the moment HMM.. tumblr_2b7374f0a0c58df81ef5f97c3deee5fa_dbf816c6_75.gif I am either considering:

tumblr_lkl6570jn71qfamg6.gif participating in a horror game jam/make a teeny horror rpgmaker game.. honestly I don't think I'll have time KDSFKJFDS, but I do at least want to raincheck it for later

tumblr_lkl6570jn71qfamg6.gif challenge myself to complete a halloween themed blythe custom before the month ends..

which will I do..?? WELP find out ^p^ I've been quite busy so my blog posts are always sparse but I'll try to update regarding this.. minicarta.gifminicarta.gif

IMG_8873 (21)
I never remember to take pix till we are in the car Lolz

I've been keeping busy with work, but I do have a few random art things to share!!


for jen EW

inspired by my friend roby's robo digital pet dogs.. I want to sculpt her someday..

ANYWAY till next time.... 173.gif



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