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it's been a very long time coming, but... WE FINISHED AND RELEASED LITTLE GOODY TWO SHOES Omfggg O_O so I drew a picture to celebrate ^p^ //// it's Elise and her daughter Goldia..  (IT'S NOT SPOILERYYYY OK read da memo)tumblr_mbrmu2RmBm1qid2nw540.giftumblr_lkl6d5i9qD1qfamg6.png

the spin of accomplishment.....................

it's kind of insane thinking about how long I've been apart of this project LOL???? since I was 20-21 or so.. seeing that I'm 28 now so I guess I can say this several year project is a huge "20's" accomplishment and milestone.. SO HAPPY YATTA fall2.giffall2.gif walking on sunshine..

freya is my favorite "bachelorette".. is it too obvious I love cheerful girls like this X^D lebkuchen is my second favorite! here is a sketch vs final of miss freya..

regardless of reception, only I will ever know how hard my friends have worked to see such an experimental labor of love through to the end.. it will be a standout gem that I cherish forever!!!! my first game I am proud to call my child ^ 3 ^


this was an early reference created for me by kira.. I still have it after all this time!! Elise's hairstyle has a silhouette I've never seen to this day..


I have settled into a new team since early Summer of this year! I can't really say more for now but I am comfortable and happy! and additionally... sadly very busy since I accepted a secondary short-term project on top of it.. o(-< WHEN WILL I LEARNNN--it's ok tho I'll be done before 2024 and IT'S BEEN FUN fall1.giffall1.gif

personal projects are again on major hold.. it's a matter of making sure I have ample time away from the computer LOL.. lately by the weekend, I don't even want to look at my screen anymore HAHAHA

cgsketch2.png cgsketch1.png
this is not a dev log but I do not anticipate being able to post about any personal projects until after the new year.. CEST LA VIE.. BUT ya here's some crystal confine cg sketches tumblr_mb1twgHRgR1qid2nw540.gif


I've been having a lot of fun drawing these fanarts LOL.. next in my queue will be this famous snow angel by nekoneko:


LASTLY I have been working viciously on a new Halloween tumblr_lsok7tK7wN1qcfn0j540.gifminicarta.gif blythe.. decided to follow through with a speed challenge LOL- I've already written enough for now but I'll create a proper log for my next post! :-D 



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