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2022-11-26 04:03

went to NYC again this weekend LOL and attended a day of ANYC!! tumblr_8987ca17758525479a11c060d78adfa7_99db68f7_250.gif

synter waited in line for 20 minutes w/ me to get a pikachu cotton candy (ur a real one) luv.gifluv.gif

it was actually the first con I've gone to since COVID and the last con I walked around since 2015 maybe O_O I feel like cons are only worth a day of going unless you're selling art.. (I personally can't justify the cost AHAHA).. wynter and I chilled in artist alley all day!!! we were shocked at how many NEW up&coming artists were selling wtf it's incredible??

594794F2-2DE2-483E-9AC4-381CAEF5E04E.jpg BB3E8AF4-0D74-4947-9EE3-37EE3479431F.jpg
also the amount of regret I have for not impulse buying that MOTHER2 cover album... just LISTEN to this

also this was a blast to the past cus the last time I walked around a con without tabling, it was with wynter??? ew

f1 (2) f1 (1)

rad was extremely good at taking piccies of cute gang moments..... *takes notes* tumblr_m3xtm3BvH51rodiav540.giftumblr_m3xtm3BvH51rodiav540.gif

I met with a very special group of art homies after a kabillion calls with them over the last 2 years.. we did a bunch but my highlight was going to chinatown to check out my friend's store (happy99)!! it was really epic how many intimately sweet vintage toys they had there... after that we walked around a very empty mall (elizabeth center) that had so much cute knickknacks in it ^Q^ paradise.. lastly jj's giftshop was my favorite place ever, so grateful it was recommended to me!

746FFCED-F9D5-4459-95C9-4C677210F29B.jpg C01C9AAD-94F9-4B6C-BD3A-E320EED62693.jpg
oxnard at ANYC and snoozer @ friends store.. signs for me to replay gba hamtaro games

one of my best and oldest online friends kiana hosted me.. it's always so nice to reflect on old awoldays with her and catch up w/ some drinks.. I feel so comfortable and happy around her every time we hang out TT_TT I want just a piece of her radiance someday AHAHA
me kiana and new friend on subway as I try to contain my spewing (I did pretty good tbh)

a realization I had during this trip is that even when I'm drunk, I'm sometimes a rly guarded person.. maybe a lot chattier, but my social anxiety makes it about the safest things somehow LMAO-- kiana's friend was extremely precious company, so when I felt like I started to ramble too much I zipped it ^p^;; still tho, I said a lot more vulnerable things than I usually would with new company and she listened and listened.. I hope I can drink with her again someday!! I gotta throw that shield away..

me and anna talked about hamsters voring their newborns and blogging! gal stuff

last day I was there was spent playing ddr, visiting my first neko cafe, meeting new kind friends, & eating gud star.gif

when in doubt iosys it out (my fav touhou album arts btw) tumblr_lkl65c58Ps1qfamg6540.gif

I'm very grateful for all of my friends for taking the time of day to spend it with me!! always embarrassed at how excited I get about this kind of stuff, but I think my travel/ldr friend experiences are extremely quality over quantity.. my closest friends are all so far away, and I am not rich with lots of free time LOL-- but when I can manage to, it's a memory I carry for LIFE ugh

on a side note I'm thinking about how memorably my friends dressed and I can't get it out of my mind o.o grey jeans w/ the slickest silhouette, a kitschy vintage coke-a-cola jacket, cute powdery snow boots.. but maybe the most special of it all is that rune was wearing a bunny hairclip I sent her in penpal mail some time ago! thinking about it makes me kinda emotional..

ya that was fun tumblr_lkl64v9iji1qfamg6.pngtumblr_lkl64v9iji1qfamg6.png



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