merci la vie! PROJECT LOG #5564352 (sike I WISH)........
one of my resolutions this year is to resume planning personal projects *_* I decided my blog would be a good idea to share initial plans without feeling like a spectacle LOL tumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl64v9iji1qfamg6.pngtumblr_lkl65c58Ps1qfamg6540.gif

no promises but this IS indeed the year I'd like to make progress on these roadmaps....... I have so little time lately on top of commercial projects BUT I want to try to MAKE time !!

that being said let me break things down a little.. tumblr_ll7xq8CAsh1qi6qow540.giftumblr_b2ca2c7e530ef6fa0562c9241ba755fd_134095e1_75.gif

PROJECT GLIM&GLAM laco.gifmini012.giflaco.gifmini012.giflaco.gifmini012.giflaco.gif


a web-based dressup/avatar game!! I've been studying the likes of existing dollmaker codes online and feel a bit more equipped to know where to start :-D it's gonna take a LOT of trial and error, especially considering web/mobile compatibility.. glim & glam are actually from another project of mine "Salon Glim & Glam" centric around my reaper child Ginnie.. anyway the sister duo will be serving as mascots for this project :-D they are deceased in my other project (k I know it sounds really grim but ITS NOT THAT DEEP or relevant here)-- that being said these are their "living" forms before they passed away!

hmmm (3)

currently I'm trying to develop a cute but cohesive UI based on some childhood inspirations of mine..

how to hit the perfect balance of cute and functional.. these sites did it well imo ^p^ mini051.gifmini051.gifmini051.gif

the standard of web design has gotten a lot more uninteresting in pursuit of a "standardized" look, so I'm trying to find ways to undo the strictness and make something fun!!! minidog.gif

NIBIRU LANDING tumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.gif

after figuring out the general gist of this game, I'm finally starting to figure out a graphical style I'd like to go for!! I'm very keen on having default, nicely animated pixel sprites (wips below) in an environment that is psuedo 2D-3D..

essentially, I would like a 3D plane to move on, with 2D assets for the environment :-D hoshi de hakken!! tamagotchi for ps1 demonstrates it perfectly (and I'm sure by extension, paper mario LOL but I prefer the stricter camera of the latter)

just observe how mikachu moves and the world around her passes her by!!

if the poster looks familiar I was just mashing roommania into this mockup LOLZ

I'm not sure if I've ever noted a summary behind these characters, but they are basically a weird little family LOL; you control carefree rhaz (the child), you have an angry tech-obsessed older sister named nero, and ma & pa are busy scientist/engineer parents who try their best, but fall short a lot. she becomes best friends with an alien kiddo and works together to collect trash for her parent's current project, while hiding their identity.

it's something personal to my experiences and isn't meant to be serious !! I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from moon rpg's strange but charming dialogue, as well as hamtaro game's lighthearted dialogue ^o^ tumblr_9f64623492c6caaeb4e6bf821c2ce2b1_6a1355b1_75.gif

speaking of hamtaro.. I replayed heartbreak !! I haven't had much free time to animate for myself, but here's a wip!

hammmmWIP1.gif hammmmWIP2.gif

and some of my screenies to end things off................ laco.gif 

Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak (U)-114

Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak (U)-113

Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak (U)-64

Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak (U)-50
my favorite relationships in the game ^p^/// ..
runner up is the mama/son and the last couple u save 
(PLAY TO FIND OUT) mini012.gifmini012.gifmini012.gif



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