merci la vie! what makes a webdoll appealing? me LOL
029 (1)soooo I've been toying around.. minicarta.gif

..with my dollmaker ideas!! I don't think there are quite enough pixel webdoll makers that are animesque gif5.gif gaiaonline and otaku avatar maker are the two that come to mind.. many modern-day makers like everskies are amazing, but with a majority realistic-leaning faces (which are beautiful, but lesser my taste and I'm always digging for user-made anime ones instead xP). 

candybar and neowiz are great examples of what I envision (that're unfortunately getting more lost to time).. >_< that being said, I've made a guideline of what I find valuable in them from example! 173.gif173.gif

most importantly: it's cute bullet_heartflash.gif

now that I have a pretty confident idea of the approach I'd like for the base, I'm still studying the type of site format I'd like to do ^ 3 ^ 

I think these kinds of layouts follows design principals nicely, making both the categories easily accessible at the top and displaying enough items per page so it doesn't feel like a slog to go through them all. criez.gif

as an aside this gal's channel is so cool LOL luv that they play stuff like houchou shoujo gensoukyoku randomly

just for fun and because it's relevant, I thought it'd be neat to share a very casual pitch I made for my friend a few years ago *_* she develops ai filters on instagram; it's something purely for fun but if you ever see it float around somewhere someday, here's some initial concepts LOL tumblr_lkl6570jn71qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl6570jn71qfamg6.giftumblr_lkl6570jn71qfamg6.gif

something very important to me is to make things as customizable as possible within reason.. I think palette swapping is such a convenient and fast way to mix things up considering how quickly programs allow you to do it nowadays!! in the above example, skintone has no excuse to be limited by anything but space or effort restrictions tumblr_lkl6d5i9qD1qfamg6.png

CCEPT1.gif CCEPT2.gif
basically u make a pixel doll based on yourself via the filter.. it's amazing how interactive they are these days o.O

websites with HTML-customizable areas to display various widgets like pixels are few and far between nowadays, but I still think there is something I like about people creating what they want and saving it into their image rolls forever! I still have my old ones from 2007 in my photobucket.. mini002.gifmini002.gif

these are all old AWOLnow friends LOL I made dolls based on them.. yes even Ichigo (only 4 ppl will.. understand.. >_> u know who u are)

and who knows.. maybe someday websites will let its users have some visual fun again and let them customize more freely (ie. myspace, tumblr profiles, forum signatures). :-D that's something I sure can look forward to!! gif5.gifmini051.gif

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