merci la vie! SPEEDRUN BLYTHE - petit kasper (also life)

in october I challenged myself to see if I can devote time after work to finish a doll within the month.. and lo and behold IT WORKED tumblr_lsok7tK7wN1qcfn0j540.giftumblr_inline_p6m7snZdrp1rhwzwl_540.gif

I'm happy to see I CAN be faster at customizing if I really set my sights on finishing within a time frame ^p^ I'M PLEASED nods...


IMG_3391.jpg IMG_3340.jpg
I love making these cute lil graphic edits KSDFJKSDFJKSFD

this time I did not do any prior conceptual art and kind of brainstormed on the spot how I wanted her to look.. 

soooo I saw this outfit on yahoo auctions japan and it instantly sparked inspiration for me to design a ghost girl.. tumblr_lsok7tK7wN1qcfn0j540.gif

uh ya I'm nowhere near ready to design clothing yet.......... X^D I barely know how to sew LMFAOOOOO so I'm thankful for the doll seamstresses for their own genius designs doing that work for me

PLUS I get to support an independent artist's work which is my favorite thing to do when I can! tumblr_m9mgvr80JT1qb1380540.gif
B*Cherry is my inspiration for mastering the combination of blythe clothing and customizing.....

IMG_7025.jpg IMG_7026.jpg

I'm still extremely pleased with her outcome.. the only thing I'd fix if I could is her pigmented blush and lips!! I was a little too heavy handed with the pan pastels and MSC this time I think LOL but I still love her so it's ok!! tumblr_mbrmu2RmBm1qid2nw540.gif

IMG_2174.jpg IMG_1826.jpg
some wipz..

while I'm super happy with her look as I expressed.. in the midst of working on her, I took a photo of a wip I keep looking back on, because it's indescribably charming to me.. tumblr_mb1twgHRgR1qid2nw540.gif


I think I want to create a girl with little to no eyelashes/ deer in the headlights feeling.. I will share a specific example of a middie with the look I'd want below (by the amazing cottontail)!! maybe my next girl will feature this..


LASTLY oekaki doodle of her.. been getting back into it WINKS tumblr_inline_p6m7sonWJE1rhwzwl_540.gif 


o ya I have returned from anyc and it was fun, also saw MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGGS.. 

IMG_7043.jpg IMG_7038.jpg

REBECCA MESOUSAAAAA I will check this booth forever until I find that OTONOISHI album again..

so ya all in all VERY EVENTFUL BUT FUN LAST 2 MONTHS um not looking forward to the holiday work/gift rush so wish me luck................ orz 173.gif173.gif


this anime store's interior that my friend took me to was very cute LOL.. I was thinking "hey that's the same pink I painted my walls"..... the best wall color YES I just love looking at it..... the shinchan decals make it even better- laco.gifmini012.gif

haven't posted outfit thingies on my blog in awhile LOL.. Pls look at my VIPER V6 b:b top :-) (old eroge so take care in googling).. mini012.gif



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