merci la vie! HAPPY NEW YEARS 2024 let's do this.. O_O
HAPPY HOLIDAYS & NEW YEAR 2024tumblr_inline_moxnx73EOP1qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxnxhA7Fy1qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxo0iFzF71qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxo3cLrsL1qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxo0iFzF71qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxo3cLrsL1qz4rgp540.giftumblr_lfhtspkQ9k1qzvcyt540.gifYAYYYYYYYYYYYY redrew my 2011 dragon zodiac ^.^ redone to have a cold (I was a bit under the weather approaching the holidays myself wth)

bunneh3.gif dragonness2.gif
my intention is to have a series redrawing my kiddos.. BUT CAN THIS SPAN 10 MOAR YEARS um we will see tumblr_inline_moxo0iFzF71qz4rgp540.gif

I had a nice holiday and actually took off of work for a week for the first time in........................................... UHHHHHHHHHH.. let's not answer that ya-- I got a lot of personal drawing itches out of my system until I finish some lingering comms ^o^ 

this year: no more commissions during employment LOL even if I do enjoy the variety and extra moolah sometimes.. by the time I finish work I am pooped or want to do my own thing HAHA tumblr_inline_moxo3cLrsL1qz4rgp540.gif

here's some more from that dumpage:


ddr (hence zektbach) and pkmn have returned as obsessions.. we been readdicted to both and it's not going away anytime soon omg- wanna make palette zine soon hm..

1704175258379302 (1)

1703468963778227 (2)
ultimate otp........ u know bullet_heartflash.gifbullet_heartflash.gifbullet_heartflash.gifbullet_heartflash.gif

I have also been super into oekaki doodling again.. I only have the energy for short sketch bursts but I've still been having so much fun YAY thank u roby and micheal < 3 mini012.gifmini012.giflaco.gif


this year has had a like.. LOT of extremes happen if that makes sense??! X^D both good and bad, so this entry will be a little whiplashy..

new latest xmas cookie collab

LGTS laco.gif was released after MANY many years...... I joined a new team and am now a senior artist while simultaneously working on a second short term project........ I learned that my best friend of almost 2 decades may be moving to the east coast come springtime.. ETC


IMG_7462.jpg IMG_7034.jpg
blythecore self christmas gifts... ellie's my first takara blythe and she's tan like me LOL o ya and jen made me cutest kirby crossstitch tumblr_inline_moxo3cLrsL1qz4rgp540.gif wait i mean ew yuk

christmas and new years ZOOMED by wowee tumblr_181e3372783bccac90bff5704aef8f64_73267f68_75.giftumblr_20213888b6b07ec045549d4dbaa4d75e_cac92556_75.giftumblr_181e3372783bccac90bff5704aef8f64_73267f68_75.giftumblr_181e3372783bccac90bff5704aef8f64_73267f68_75.gif

now we can play at home and make our own maps ^p^// good replacement for local closing mall cheap ddr orz.. curse u round 1 expensiveness 

so much to take in KFDSKJFDSJKFDS I've really been trying hard to keep up and HONESTLY??? failing LMFAO but I kind of hope these are simply da growing pains of latter adulthood right-- I'll break into these shoes soon tumblr_lkl654nE1A1qfamg6.gif


my mama bought me this game's remake.. gonna try to marry either Lumina or Cecelia but-- boy do I miss og celia too T 3 T woof.gifwoof.gif also luv river king ref


my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 hcc this past august; it's been a lot to process these months for many reasons, but I've been designated driver taking him to immunotherapy and it's been really nice to just talk one on one with my dad, kinda making up for a lot of lost time..!!

ANYWHO things have been as fine as they can be and I hope to keep doing my best to be there for the people I care about!! 

I've been falling short a lot due to being preoccupied with my own things but I really don't want to take my time with anybody for granted cos I KNOW I'll regret it later.. o(-< 

GOTTA DO BETTER FOR 2024 tumblr_inline_moxnx73EOP1qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxnx73EOP1qz4rgp540.giftumblr_inline_moxnx73EOP1qz4rgp540.gif


cries I'm feeling less and less confident about fulfilling personal project prospects HELP X^D 

but ya I can't listen to that voice.. I'm really trying to establish a proper schedule to make time for newfound work responsibilities, fam/friends, games, hobby art/dev other hobbies.. 

I haven't made an official resolution list this year but lemme say a silly unimportant goal for funsies.. some CLOTHING ISOS.. ^_~ brainless secondhand hunting luv.gif

IMG_7469.jpg IMG_747033348.jpg

IMG_7461.png IMG_7461.jpg

the photos above are da kind of pursuit this year.. I really wish I knew how to knit so I could make a sweater of Lamp's Genso myself tumblr_inline_p6m7sonWJE1rhwzwl_540.giftumblr_inline_p6m7sonWJE1rhwzwl_540.gif one of the amazingest albums of all time.. ^p^; 

dum edit sry but I found this alice auaa iso recently.. I want the black colorway too >_> they're cute to layer over dresses tumblr_lkl6d5i9qD1qfamg6.png makes me feel like fiona belli 

AND THAT'S ALL I have exciting new doll prospects I will ramble about next time.. stay tooned and TAKE CARE!!

upon writing this there is a forecast of 2 feet of snow this weekend.... ya..y.... (I MEAN IT I'll be excited for like 3 hours) 



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